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Presentations at elementary schools

We present at elementary schools in the Netherlands and Belgium and give children from age 7 to 12 an informational, fun and interactive introduction to the phenomena.

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''When the Earth will fail on us, we have nowhere else to go''

André Kuipers - Dutch Astronaut

Highlighted: A critical report about Iceland’s sustainable reputation

Worldwide countries are highly impressed with the Icelandic policy on energy. But this is not completely justified, argues journalist Lauren Bos in her critical report about Iceland's sustainable reputation. She went to Iceland to talk to the CEO of environmental organisation Landvernd, an engineer from HS Orka (the operator of Svartsengi-station, a huge geothermal energy station of which the waste water fills the pools of the The Blue Lagoon, the nation's biggest tourist attraction); and a botany professor at the University of Iceland. Read the full report on the left under ''latest posts''.