Our goal is to educate youth about climate change

Climate change is becoming an increasingly important topic on the global agenda. Global warming is not as much a current problem, as it is a problem of the next generations. Therefore, it is important that our new generations are educated about the consequences of global warming and what we can do to prevent it.

At the I AM PRO WORLD Foundation we make it our mission to educate youth at an early age about climate change. Our goal is to make them see the importance of this problem, so that they will apply this knowledge in their future job (whatever career field that might be). We need people in all sorts of organizations (businesses, governments and NGO’s) to step up in order to save our environment, and by that our future.


climate-change drawing

Introduction to climate change – presentations at elementary schools

Today’s children hear about the phenomena ”climate change” more and more. They see it on tv or they hear their parents talking about it. But what does it exactly imply? This topic is not (yet) covered in basic study material for elementary schools and teachers are not always fully knowledgable about the issue. Even though it is very important to inform them about this problem early on, since it is their future that is at stake. Our presentations give an informational, fun an well round introduction to climate change and all related fundamental topics such as: the Earth, environment, deforestation, corral reefs, flooding, temperature rise, etc. A presentation takes 2 hours, but is interactive so the class will definitely not be bored. The speakers are one or two of our own researchers and the presentation is meant for ages 7 to 12. As a school director or teacher you can make a difference and the impact might one day be huge, let us present at your school and inspire your classroom!

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Currently we only present in the Netherlands and Belgium.